Eiro-group Review – A Careful Evaluation of the Broker

Eiro-group Review

Every now and then, a new trend is established and people start following it like crazy. While some trends come and go, there are those that have stayed for decades and continue to enjoy a great deal of popularity. Online trading is one such trend, as it was established years ago and even today, it receives a lot of attention from the masses. Why is this so? This is due to the fact that trading in the financial markets is a lucrative business that gives everyone a golden chance of making huge returns on their investment, something that not many investment opportunities can claim to do.


Moreover, online trading also comes with lesser restrictions, prerequisites and a great deal of freedom and flexibility to make it so attractive. You can also get a piece of this pie and it doesn’t mean that you have to invest thousands of dollars to begin. You can start with a small sum and still be able to make good returns. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that some things do have an impact on your chances of success in online trading. The most prominent of these is the broker you choose. In simple terms, they are your partners because they give you access to everything you need for trading.

They give you the trading software, the instruments to trade and the tools needed for making good decisions. Hence, it is not a decision that you can make without careful evaluation. Eiro-group is an option you will find in the market, which has its offices located in Limassol, Cyprus and specializes in CFD (Contract for Difference) trading. You need to evaluate their services and then make your decision. How do you do that? Read on to know:

  • Check their trading instruments

Eiro-group trading instrumentsThe evaluation of a brokerage begins with their trading instruments because it is their primary offering. You need to know what assets are provided to you, whether they let you diversify and if the instruments are truly profitable or not. You will find that 200 trading instruments have been added by Eiro-group to their offerings and this is quite an impressive number, considering that the firm is relatively new in the market. It gives you enough room to truly diversify your investments, thereby reducing your losses and maximizing your profits.

The options begin with the forex market, where various currency pairs in the major and minor categories are available. In fact, you will also come across some exotic pairs that can give you a boost. Eiro-group also lets you invest in the traditional stock market and has added some top-notch options from there. Indices are another category to explore, with a little bit of more volatility and potential for great returns. Consistent and stable returns can be found in the commodities market, with energies, agricultural items and precious metals available. Cryptocurrencies are a more recent addition and give you plenty of opportunities to make profits.

  • Look at their registration process

Registration is required if you want to use a broker’s services, so it is best to know what requirements are involved in this procedure. Most traders prefer to get registration over with quickly, but this can be difficult if the firm has some complicated requires. Eiro-group, on the other hand, has kept their registration quick and simple for their clients. You can register with them by filling out the registration form on their website. It asks for basic information like your name, phone number, country, email address and password. You also have to agree to their Terms & Conditions, and all of this barely takes a few minutes.

  • Explore the account choices

Eiro-group trading accountsThe next step after registration is usually to open an account and there are different account choices provided at every platform. The same is true for Eiro-group, as they have developed choices for traders with varying levels of skills, risk-tolerance and education. There are five choices available, which start with the basic that can be opened with €250 deposit. It gives you 50% bonus, platform walkthrough, 1:10 leverage and an account manager. Next is the silver account that gives 75% bonus, leverage of 1:20, a senior account manager and technical education with a deposit of €10,001.

The third is the gold account that needs a deposit of €20,001 and includes an executive account manager, 100% bonus and 1:30 leverage. Eiro-group also has the Platinum account with 150% bonus, leverage of 1:40 and a VIP account manager, in return for a €100,001. The last account choice is called Diamond and you have to deposit €200,001 to open it. This account will give you access to every feature that’s available on the platform.

  • Take a look at deposit options

When you check the account choices, you will find that you have to deposit a minimum amount to open an account, but how will you make this deposit? You need to take a look at the deposit options given to you by Eiro-group. They give you the option of adding your funds through bank wire transfer i.e. connecting your bank account directly. If you are looking for quicker solutions, you can also use your debit or credit cards for payment purposes. They support Visa, Maestro and MasterCard on their platform, so you can use any one of them for your payments.

  • Use their trading platform

Last, but certainly not the least, you need to assess the Eiro-group trading platform because it is the software you will use for executing your trades. They have developed a web platform, which doesn’t require download or installation, and has an intuitive user-interface. Ultra-fast trade execution is available, along with graphs, charting tools and real-time price alerts. Along with this web solution, they have also added mobile trading apps that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. These give you the flexibility to trade on the move.

Eiro-group trading platform


With careful evaluation, you can easily see that Eiro-group is a capable and comprehensive solution for you to trade in the financial markets.